Internet Sex Crimes in Baton Rouge, LA

Internet Sex Crimes in Baton Rouge, LA

Internet crimes are often prosecuted at the federal level. As in other kinds of federal criminal cases, investigators often spend months or years gathering evidence against a suspect. Once an indictment is entered, trial proceedings can begin within 90 days unless you have valid legal need for more time to prepare. This means your attorney only has three months to analyze evidence turned over by federal prosecutors, interview witnesses, conduct an investigation of his own and prepare a defense.

Consequently, it is important to work with James Boren, who has tried numerous cases at the federal level and has the experience to handle the demands of a federal trial. Before talking to the police or prosecutors, contact criminal defense lawyer James Boren today and schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your internet crime defense needs.

Computer And Internet Crimes

The Law Office of James E. Boren represents clients in cases involving the following types of internet crimes:

  • Check fraud
  • Credit card fraud
  • Sale of counterfeit goods
  • Computer hacking
  • Identity theft
  • Cyberbullying
  • Cyberstalking

Defending Against Charges Of Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex crimes also comprise a large part of our practice, including charges of:

  • Child pornography
  • Chat room luring and the online solicitation of a minor
  • Receiving or sending illegal images
  • Pop-ups of child pornography or obscene images
  • File sharing and pornography
  • Soliciting pay-for-play exchanges
  • Using the internet to set up rape

James Boren has the technical acumen and legal persuasiveness to handle these types of sensitive cases effectively. He knows that not everyone who has illegal images on their hard drive is guilty of possessing child pornography. Pop-ups and unsolicited emails may have illegal images in them that were unintentionally downloaded to your computer.

Even in cases where someone intentionally views obscene or illicit images, a history of sexual abuse, drug, alcohol or psychological problems may convince the court to reduce the sentence or charge against you. In cases involving the online solicitation of a minor, the actions of police and investigators will determine if entrapment or other constitutional violations compromise the case against the accused.

We work with IT Experts to analyze the governments case and expose weaknesses.

Regardless of whether you are currently under investigation or have already been arrested for any type of computer fraud or another internet crime, it is essential to assert and protect your rights. To schedule a completely confidential consultation protected by the attorney-client privilege, contact James Boren today.