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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense Lawyer In Baton Rouge

For 40 years, The Law Office of James E. Boren has used its extensive experience to effectively defend the rights of people arrested and accused of criminal offenses.

Located in Baton Rouge, James Boren handles matters that are at every stage of the process, starting with the beginning of an investigation or on arrest to grand jury investigations, trials and appellate work. James Boren has represented clients in the following areas in both state and federal courts.

Criminal Defense Of Health Care Fraud, including the representation of doctors, hospitals, hospital administrators, doctor assistants, nurses, members of the board of directors of health care providers, pharmacies and pharmacists, nursing homes, dentists, eye care providers, nursing home providers, physical therapy providers in defense of matters such as billing for services not rendered, improper billing codes, improper supervision of staff, Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud.

Criminal Defense Of Violent Offenses, including aggravated assault, simple assault, aggravated battery, simple battery, aggravated burglary, simple burglary, violation of protective orders (domestic abuse), stalking, aggravated kidnapping, simple kidnapping, armed robbery, simple robbery, aggravated arson, simple arson, carjacking and hit-and-run driving.

Criminal Defense Of Homicide Charges, including first-degree capital murder, second-degree murder, vehicular homicide, negligent homicide, and manslaughter.

Criminal Defense Of White Collar Crimes, including antitrust, environmental, Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, embezzlement, perjury, money laundering, tax fraud, larceny, wire fraud, mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, theft, access device fraud, extortion, internet theft, computer-related crimes, including offenses against intellectual property, offenses against computer equipment or supplies, offenses against computer users, computer fraud, and securities laws violations.

Criminal Defense Of Internet Crimes, including internet sex charges, check fraud, credit card fraud, selling counterfeit goods, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, internet gambling, computer fraud, identity theft, invasion of privacy and hacking.

Criminal Defense Of Sex Offenses, including aggravated rape, simple rape, molestation of a juvenile, obscenity, pornography involving juveniles, internet pornography, sexual abuse, statutory rape, sexual battery, carnal knowledge of a juvenile, internet sex offenses and registration of sex offenders.

Criminal Defense Of Drug Crimes, including manufacture, distribution, possession, transportation, acquiring a prescription by fraud and marijuana cultivation.

Criminal Defense Of Environmental Protection Law Matters, including Clean Water Act violations, RCRA violations, Clean Air Act violations, hazardous waste violations, noncompliance with environmental regulations, safety violations, waste water discharge, discharge of pollutants and other matters involving several agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Environmental Quality, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), and the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

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