Sex Crimes in Baton Rouge, LA

Louisiana is a state in which the laws governing sexual activity are extremely strict. Police tend to err on the side of protecting alleged victims, not the accused. Sex crime charges, and even allegations of any kind, often leave a permanent stain, which is why it is so important to be proactive in finding a criminal defense lawyer who can effectively advocate on your behalf.

For 40 years, the Law Office of James E. Boren has been representing individuals facing all types of sex crime charges. James Boren fights for your rights and ensures that they are preserved throughout your case. He also is here to protect your reputation and freedom.

The following is a list of some of the types of situations that garner sex crime charges in Louisiana. James Boren has handled matters in these areas, and is able to effectively provide representation in any other types of sex crime matters that may arise in state or federal court.

  • Sexual assault rape: violent rape, date rape, statutory rape
  • Sexual abuse: child molestation, child abuse, child prostitution, carnal knowledge
  • Solicitation and prostitution
  • Internet sex crimes: Internet pornography, child pornography, downloading or sharing pornography, selling or distributing pornography, soliciting sex from a child or on the internet
  • Violations of sex offender regulations and sex offender registration

There are many reasons that children or separated spouses make accusations of sex crimes, and an aggressive investigation of past history can discover why they may have made the particular accusation. In these circumstances it may be done as a strategy to gain a bargaining point against the other spouse, and it is only after a thorough, methodical investigation of the claims that they can be demonstrated to be baseless. James Boren has experience helping people engaged in divorce actions and family law disputes, and people in the public eye who are being targeted.

Additionally, both Louisiana and the federal government have been cracking down on the internet being used for sex trafficking, exploitation and solicitation. Many government officials are posing as children in chat rooms on the internet to fool individuals who may be trying to solicit children or gain possession of child pornography.

While downloading child pornography is illegal, a situation may present itself where the pornography was not downloaded intentionally, or the downloader was unaware that it was pornography. These facts must be established to construct an effective defense. You need aggressive, skilled representation in both of these instances to address the charges and accusations, and prevent yourself from being marked with an unwanted social stigma, including being forced to register as a sex offender, which can affect every aspect of your life from gaining housing and a job to being allowed to participate in certain community activities.

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